Long Vest and Lace Dress


Sporting my favorite lacy Roberto Cavalli dress on a perfect Spring day in DC.



spring-outfit-2 kate-spade-purse

Lately, I’ve been swept up in the closet downsize trend going strong on blogs and youtube. It feels really great to assess your wardrobe and pull out whatever doesn’t serve you anymore.

In fact, I’ve been rather minimalist for years, but I’ve made a conscious effort recently to pare things down even more. I’m trying hard to buy and wear items that I absolutely love rather than what just gets me by. Can you relate?

I have so many special items that I adore, but save them for special occasions only. But no more. Now, my favorites are getting worn regularly!

Last weekend, I sported this lacy dress from Roberto Cavalli to meet my friend for a special event in the city. It reminds me of something vintage from the 192os, but I love how the sleek vest from White House Black Market makes it look modern too.

Honestly, most days, I’m a little afraid to wear this dress.. will it get snagged on something? Can I wear it to brunch? I might spill coffee on it…

But I threw caution to the wind and felt really great in it all afternoon. I also felt good about making a clothing purchase that has mileage and can be worn during different times of the year and occasions.

This dress is seasonless. Here you can see how I wore it to a holiday party in December.

How do you feel about the latest minimalist closet trend? Are you motivated to clean out your closet and focus on fewer rather than more clothing items?

Let me know in the comments!

Roberto Cavalli dress (similar here)/White House Black Market Vest

Adrienne Vitamin Booties/Valentino Sunglasses


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