Balmain (Inspired) Spring Look


For months, I’ve been drooling over this tailored classic blazer from Balmain, featured on Net-a-porter. When I recently spied this similar (and more wallet-friendly version) at White House Black Market, I snapped it up fast.

  balmain-inspired-look black-and-white-pumps Balmain-style-blazerblack-blazer-white-denim

Recently, White House Black Market came onto my shopping radar. I ordered a few sale items from them, expecting I’d probably return everything due to all the regular issues with online shopping like sizing and quality.

When my package arrived, I was surprised by how pleased I was with everything I bought, how well-fitting it all was, and how good the prices were.

Have you ever shopped there? I’m a fan of this store now.

In any case, this jacket was a steal at under $100 (on sale). The waist is slightly cinched, which makes it so flattering for all body shapes and I love the angled lapels.

Unfortunately, the black version is now sold out, but they do have it in white (which I’m also going to buy).

White House Black Market Trophy Jacket/ Levis Jeans

Talbots Top/Pumps

Ray Ban sunglasses/Ginza Kanematsu Purse

34 thoughts on “Balmain (Inspired) Spring Look

  1. That blazer is absolutely fabulous Mary and I have to say you look fantastic in it. I am totally loving your black and white combo. The white jeans and great and can we just spend a minute on those fabulous heels.. Do you find them to be comfortable enough?? Do they run true to size?… I need a pair of those in my closet.


    1. Hi Christina! Thanks for your comment! The heels are a little uncomfortable but the ones I got are a bit big for my feels so there is so chafing!


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