Pink Dress and Trench for Valentine’s Day


This Tahari A-line dress is the PERFECT dress. You can wear it for special occasions, work, dinner out, church or anything, really. Not sure about the pink? Nordstrom sells it in so many colors.

I bought this dress from Norstrom a few months ago and so far, it’s gotten quite a lot of mileage. I wore it to a Christmas party. I wore it to work once with a black turtleneck and once with a blazer. It’s my dress for Valentine’s Day this year.  

I’m thinking of getting it in another color too since it’s so versatile and comfortable.

Are you dressing up for Valentine’s Day this year? Sweet and feminine or cool and sexy?

Dress: Tahari Seamed A-line Dress from Nordstrom, Trench: Calvin Klein, Shoes: Betsey Johnson, Sunglasses: Valentino, Bag: Ginza Kanematsu




40 thoughts on “Pink Dress and Trench for Valentine’s Day

      1. No way Mary! It looks like you don’t have anything on your legs! What brand are those if you don’t mind me asking… I’m always looking for a good nude hose!


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