Work Outfit for Snow Days: Belted Trench and Hunters


Not intimidated by all that winter slush in my classic trench, flared dress, and tall Hunter boots.  

Things are finally getting back to normal for us here in DC. We’ve resumed work and we can finally walk on the streets without being knee deep in snow. There’s still plenty of icy spots on the roads and piles of snow on street corners, though.

My husband and I took advantage of a slow work day to have lunch at one of our favorite spots in DC– Charlie Palmer Steakhouse. We don’t normally have time to meet up like this during the week, so it felt like a special treat. 

Not knowing what the streets would be like, I wore my tall Hunter boots. As we were leaving the house, my husband asked, “Do you think you really need those?” But he admitted later after slipping and sliding around that the boots were a good idea.

I’m really impressed with Hunter boots, overall. They are definitely one of my best purchases in recent years.

Jacket: London Fog, Collared shirt: Ann Taylor, Flared Dress: Betsey Johnson, Boots: Hunter, Purse: Coach   

belted-black-trenchcoach-bag trench-and-huntershunters-and-knit-dress


66 thoughts on “Work Outfit for Snow Days: Belted Trench and Hunters

  1. Practical outfit for the snow both smart and stylish and you did the right thing wearing your Wellingtons, perfect boots for making sure your Tights stay dry.


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