Blazer and Wide Leg Pants


Feeling French inspired today in this striped top and wide leg pants.

When I was sixteen, I was an exchange student in France for a summer. I lived with a French family at a beach town in Southwest France.

I wasn’t there for very long, but my short time there has been influential in my life in so many ways. First off, the French I learned that summer has helped me in so many random situations in my life. And of course, I was introduced to French food, their simple beauty and fashion sense, and the overall lifestyle.

One outfit combination I remember seeing back then was stripes and wide leg pants (maybe French sailor inspired?) and I think I’ve had a variation of this outfit in my closet ever since. It just never goes out of style!

I recently wore this to work and paired it with my Tory Burch pony tote bag.

Do you have a classic outfit that you’ll always Β have in your closet?

Top: Ann Taylor, Pants: Ann Taylor, Jacket: JH Collectibles, Shoes: Payless, Tote: Tory Burch, Sunglasses: Valentino


55 thoughts on “Blazer and Wide Leg Pants

  1. You look ultra Parisian and I ultra love it. Beautiful natural shots.

    ou are a STRONG woman! I have no idea how you are having a baby at home and taking on such an ambitious food challenge. May I ask what is it you think refined sugar does to the body that is so adverse? Does this mean you are not able to eat at restaurants? I am proud of you!!!!



  2. That must have been such an amazing experience for you, Mary, and I’m sure it has impacted your life greatly! I never really thought that the French actually wear the stripes and wide trousers. I always thought it was Hollywood being Hollywood, good to know that it’s based on real street style inspiration! You look lovely in your version with the pop of red, certainly chic! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead, beautiful!

    Au Revoir πŸ˜‰




  3. I love this outfit on you Mary! I also love to wear striped tops. They are the perfect classic piece and they are always a win win for me. I love how you styled yours with the camel pants and the red coat. I also love the print on your bag with this look. You look fantastic!



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