Winter Puffer Coat at the Winery


Over the weekend, my husband, our dog Quinn, and I headed to the Barrel Oak Winery in Northern Virginia for some sparkling wine, friendly conversation in front of the fireplace, and a little winter sunshine.

The temperature was down in the low 30s, but that was no problem at all because I wore my Mountain Hardwear down puffer coat. I absolutely swear by these coats for their  warmth and comfort during very cold days.

This version is the city coat, but I have another subarctic version from Mountain Hardwear that keeps you perfectly toasty while viewing Northern Lights in Alaska during March (I can attest to this because I did it in negative 20 degree temps!)

Another reason I love this coat is that it’s lightweight enough that you don’t feel bogged down when you’re inside places where you don’t necessarily take your coat off like grocery stores or shopping malls. It’s so comfortable to wear on days that start off frigid but warm up a bit as well. 

mountain-hardwear-coat2  district-hi-and-lo7fire


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