Stripes, Polka Dots, and Dior


What’s a holiday without stripes, polka dots, and a little Dior?  

The recent warm weather inspired me to get one more wear from this summer polka dot cotton dress, lightweight striped sweater, and these Dior kitten heels I’ve had for years. 

I adore the silver motif on the front of the shoe and though they are not vintage, they remind me of something from the 1950s.

Unfortunately, these beauties don’t get much wear these days as the heels are starting to wear out. The last time I took them to a cobbler for repairs, he told me that would probably be the last time I could fix them (sigh). 

But they were the perfect match for the full skirt and snug sweater on this day.

dior-shoes stripes-polka-dots holiday-outfit2

Have you ever loved an item (shoes, clothes, bag) so much and worn it until it practically fell apart? Tell me in the comments! 

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