Travel Outfit: Charleston, SC


My travel outfit for Charleston, SC had to meet two simple criteria: comfortable layers and easy walking shoes for all those cobblestone streets. 


My husband and I spent a few days in Charleston, South Carolina last week to visit family and one of the highlights was exploring the beautiful downtown along East Bay Street.

I’m obsessed with courtyards, flowers, iron gates, and old buildings, so the walk around Charleston’s historic streets was pure heaven for me.

The temperature was mild that day, ranging from low 50s in the morning to mid-60s in the afternoon. I knew I’d alternate feeling chilly in the shade and then warm in the sun, so I dressed in breathable layers with a lightweight sweater from The Limited and denim leggings from Express.

Because I’m rather clumsy (been known to trip over small cracks in the sidewalk!), the Converse sneakers helped me navigate the uneven brick streets! 

I hope you enjoy some of the photos!  

travel-outfitThis is just one of the ornate iron gates adorning the front of a historic home.  districthilo1Taking a rest with Quinn. Oh yes, this dog goes everywhere with us.

cat-and-pinkhouse I spied a curious cat at the lovely pink house.

IMG_5141There were so many gorgeous door ornaments like this interesting fish knocker.


I love sharing my travel experiences here with you, but I’d love to get to know you more. Do you get excited by old homes, gardens, and door decorations? What do you like to wear when traveling?

34 thoughts on “Travel Outfit: Charleston, SC

  1. I love Charleston! I was there once a couple of years ago and want to visit it again. I like your casual and comfortable outfit very much. When I travel, I always wear sneakers and comfortable clothes to be able to walk to many places. I love historic places! Your photos perfectly capture the beauty of this city. Have a great weekend, Mary!



  2. I love this casual look on you. I also prefer to dress comfortably when I travel. I love to wear Superga gym shoes. I once went on a trip to Universal Studios Theme Park in Orlando with my husband and two boys. I wore my Superga’s the entire time and my feet never hurt. However, my husband and my two boys were complaining about sore feet and they had on nice running shoes. They are now my go to shoes when I am planning on doing a lot of walking. I’ll have to check out Charleston some time. It looks lovely. I love the cobblstone streets. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos with us.



  3. Hello Mary! Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures of your trip with us! I love iron gates and gardens and everything else that has to do with beautiful architecture of any type. I haven’t been in Charleston in a very long time but I still remember how pretty it was and can’t wait to go back. I like to be comfortable when I am sightseeing and I know I will be walking a lot, You look beautiful wearing that pink sweater. The color looks amazing on you, Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful Sunday! XOXO, Jeannette


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