Personal Musings on Fashion Blogging and Husbands

Since starting this blog last summer, my style game has gotten better, my self-confidence has soared, and I’ve met so many great inspiring fun people on the Internet. 

One aspect of fashion blogging that hasn’t gone the way I wanted is HUSBAND-AS-PHOTOGRAPHER. 

Can you relate?

At first, he humored me and took my photos without complaint. But as time went on, he reached his limit. 

I now have a remote for my camera. 

I used to wonder how so many popular bloggers seemed to have eager and willing husbands and boyfriends to take their photos all the time. Then I stumbled on this hilarious video about a support group for Instagram Husbands.

We couldn’t stop laughing! This video is dead on accurate about some of our experiences when it comes to taking photos.

Have you seen it? If not, you’re in for a treat! 

And I’m so so curious… how do you and your significant other handle the photographs? Tell me in the comments!