Tie Neck Blouse and Pencil Skirt


This retro 1940s inspired outfit is perfect for your office holiday party and guess what? You probably already have these basics in your closet: a tie neck blouse and pencil skirt. 


It’s officially holiday party season! 

Believe it or not, this outfit is inspired by an old black and white photograph of my grandparents! In it, they are dressed to the nines in their Sunday best.

My grandmother is wearing her hair in a half up/down hairstyle with glamorous earrings and a high neck blouse. (Incidentally, HER hair had a MUCH bigger pouf than mine!)

And that’s exactly the image in my mind when I was racking my closet for a somewhat conservative office party look. I’ve had this sheer tie neck blouse from BCBG and red wool skirt FOR AGES. But you know the great thing about classics?

They always work.

What are you excited about wearing this holiday season? Is your fashion sense ever inspired by old photographs, or am I just strange like that?

red-pencil-skirttie-neck-blousecrystal-cuff-bracelet holidayoutfit2

Top: BCBG (old), Skirt: JH Collectibles (old), Crystal Cuff: Forever 21, Pumps: Charles and David, Purse: Ginza Kanematsu

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