How to Wear Leather Pants Everyday

fauxleatherpants After some anxiety about how to wear faux leather pants, I think I figured it out. Answer: They look good with almost everything and really can be worn everyday.

Ever since Olivia Newton John wore leather pants at the end of Grease, I’ve always thought they were the coolest things a woman could wear. But I have to admit I felt doubtful about wearing them. sweater-and-leather-pants

Seeing them in a store, I would question, “Are they really me?”

Well, I recently took the plunge and purchased BLANKNYC faux leather pants  from Nordstrom to wear to a concert with my husband.


Without a doubt, leather pants can easily be worn at night for a special event, cocktail bar, or even date night. They’re chic, cool, and dressy after the sun goes down.

But wanting to get the most mileage I can from my clothes, I questioned- how would they work for me during the day? Would I feel like someone I’m not? Would they be uncomfortable and hot? Would they hold their shape or stretch out? leatherpants-stilettos

To give them a whirl, I paired them with this pink LL Bean sweater and Charles and David black pumps for an afternoon enjoying the Japanese garden at the Hillwood Estate in DC. districthilo2

In the end, I really like how the whole outfit came together. The pants didn’t sag or stretch at all. They were perfect for a brisk autumn day, and overall, I felt totally comfortable wearing these pants… even sort of rocker chick and cool!

I was worried about not feeling “myself” in them, but I actually felt really confident and good. In fact, now I’m plotting all sorts of ways to wear these pants everyday. kate-spade-purse

So if you’ve ever questioned if you’re the type of person who get rock some leather pants, here’s my answer:

You are! GO FOR IT!

28 thoughts on “How to Wear Leather Pants Everyday

  1. Such a lovely pairing, Mary! I love your leather pants and the bit of edge it gives in contrast to the feminine pink sweater. You’re so right, leather pants can certainly be styled in a variety of ways and can be worn many times, as a result, during the fall and winter months!

    Great post and I hope you have a great day, lovely!




  2. Haha I love the last bit of this! I agree, (faux) leather pants should be a staple in every woman’s closet! I always feel so sexy/badass when I pair it with a full black on black look, but I just LOVE how you added the pop of color with the pink. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Annie


  3. Love these faux leather pants on you. I have a pair of real leather ones that I don’t wear that much. I actually find myself wearing coated denim ones instead that look just like leather. I think it’s probably because they are easier to wash and clean than my real leather ones. You look fantastic in these.



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