DC Eats: Experience Germany at Dacha Biergarten DC

sausageplatterDacha Biergarten in downtown DC looks so much like Germany that an Instagram post had some of our friends living in Germany thinking we were there!

districthilo1    For my installment of favorite DC eats this week, I’m raving about the budget friendly Dacha Biergarten. My husband and I discovered it because we’re always looking for dog-friendly places and Quinn was more than welcome.glassbeerbootWe figured the beers would be pretty special… they’re served in these boot shaped glasses, which make drinking so much fun.

But we were pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of the food as well. So many German specialties to choose from as you might imagine (pretzels, frankfurters, snitzel).

In the end, though, we were won over by the beautiful sausage platter (pictured above) featuring 3 different kinds of authentic German sausages and toasty grilled bread (I’m now a huge fan). We also ordered the fried egg bagel sandwich, which came with the most interesting combination of flavors including a bacon, lentil patty, pimento cheese, cream cheese, and a fried green tomato on an Everything bagel. Heavenly!

friedeggbagelsandwichbagelsandwichThe restaurant takes on an authentic German biergarten atmosphere with long tables for people to share outdoors, plenty of beautiful floral window-boxes, and not sure what the significance of Elizabeth Taylor is to the Germans, but a gigantic mural of her face on the side wall.  flowers faceWe’re adding this place to our list of regular hangouts and looking forward to enjoying an after work drink with our furry friend there again soon.

10 thoughts on “DC Eats: Experience Germany at Dacha Biergarten DC

  1. Hello Mary! Oh girl! You got me here super hungry wishing I could just hop on a plane to DC right now to visit such wonderful German restaurant. I just sent my better half for food while I get ready for a Halloween party:-) Super lovely place! The food seems super amazing and the décor makes feel like you are in Germany. Thanks for sharing and next time I visit DC for work I will make sure to stop by. Have a blessed weekend! XOXO, Jeannette



    1. Hi Jeannette,
      Thanks as always for stopping by! Yes, it’s fun to feel like you are in another country in the States. Hope your Halloween party was fabulous! What was your costume this year?


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