Tuesday Tip: How to Get Rid of Dark Spots


Even though I wear sunscreen religiously, I’ve developed a few dark spots on my face through the years. Sometimes they’re freckles and they fade after the summer months; In other cases, though, they represent more serious sun damage and don’t go away on their own. 

I’ve tried my share of spot removers, face brighteners, and skin lighteners, and here I’ve compiled a review on some of the products I’ve used.


SkinCeuticals Phyto+ is a thin gel that goes on before your moisturizer. This particular treatment was recommended by an esthetician at a spa. It cost about $80 for a 30 ml bottle. I put this on consistently everyday until I ran out, and while I did see some fading, overall the spots were still pretty visible. 


SKII Brightening Specialist can be purchased from many department store SKII counters. I actually bought this product with different packaging from Japan, where they sell it in concentrated doses that look like tiny circular bandaids. Each night, I’d peel off the foil, apply a few of the circles to my worst spots and leave them on overnight (sometimes waking up with them stuck to my eyebrow, side of my mouth, etc). Unfortunately, this version of the product is not sold this way in the States.  It cost about $130 or so. I feel this product was more effective at fading the spots than the Skinceuticals, but it didn’t remove them completely as promised. 


Finally, I visited a dermatologist, who recommended laser treatment to get rid of dark spots. It cost about $300 and the doctor applied the laser to most of the dark patches on my face in about 15 minutes.

After a day or two, the spots dried out and formed some small scabs. A few days after that, they fell away, leaving clear unblemished skin. Overall, laser treatment was the most effective and best value in terms of time, money, effort, and satisfaction with the end result. 

So, I recommend that you visit a dermatologist at a clinic or hospital (not a dermatology esthetician at a spa) and pay the going price for the laser treatment rather than wasting time and money on the skincare products.

Have you ever tried any spot removers or skin lighteners? Have you found something effective?

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip: How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

  1. I actually see a dermatologist who wanted to use a laser treatment on my skin but I was afraid it would make my face all red so I passed. I will have to ask about this again at my next appointment. Thanks for sharing the results of your procedure with us. It is so helpful.



    1. Kathy,
      It is true that it makes your skin red and patchy for a little while. But it passes in a week or so. You do have to be careful though and not plan the treatment right before a big event.


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