Enjoying a Mountain Cabin Getaway


Two weekends ago, my husband and I escaped the business of Washington DC to enjoy the quiet of Shenandoah National Park for the Columbus Day weekend. The orange, reds, and yellows were in full force.6

We try to spend the weekend in Shenandoah twice a year in summer and fall, but the hotel rooms, cabins, and camping spots book up fast! This year, we were lucky to go around mid-October when the scenery is absolutely gorgeous.1collage3collage1

As soon as we arrived to the Lewis Mountain Cabins, we unpacked our stuff and immediately went for a hike to breathe in fresh mountain air and cast off the  workweek stress.

Thankfully, the temperature was mild during the afternoon, so no jacket was needed! I wore this comfy sweatshirt from Anthropologie with jeans from Express and these excellent water resistant Vasque boots.

After our hike, we fired up the grill and enjoyed some wine and cheese while preparing dinner. I’m a huge fan of using Pinterest for inspiration and I found so many great suggestions for making pizza in a cast iron skillet on the open grill. You really need to try this the next time you’re looking for camping food ideas!

910 collage4 13

As the sun went down, the temperature dropped and we spent a cozy rest of the evening bundled up sipping wine next to the fire.

As always, I love sharing my experiences with you here on the blog, but I’m curious about you! Do you enjoy the mountains? Where do you explore nature? Tell me in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Enjoying a Mountain Cabin Getaway

  1. Hello Mary! Oh my! What an awesome getaway! My kind of vacation experience…. at peace with my better half and mother nature…. and my dogs too but I have 4 so it is kind of challenging to bring them all with me-) I love the mountains and one of my dreams is to spend fall somewhere like that. Because of my daughter being in school, it is kind of challenging for me to go away during the fall season so the times I have stayed at a cabin in the mountains (North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia) has been during the summer season and yes, I love it! Love all the food you ate, the cute cabin you stayed and the outfit. Thanks for sharing! XOXO, Jeannette



    1. Thanks Jeannie for your kind and thoughtful comment! I’m glad you liked the post… I feel like I need a restorative mountain retreat a few times a year. Good for the soul to be out in nature, away from traffic and stress!


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