DC Eats: Enjoying Happy Hour at Del Campo

2 Happy Friday lovelies! For this week’s installment of my favorite DC eats, series I’m taking you all to Del Campo for one of my favorite times of day- Happy Hour! And today, it’s South American style.

Interior Dining Room and Bar
Interior Dining Room and Bar: photo credit

Del Campo is a lovely South American restaurant in the Chinatown area of downtown DC featuring specialties from Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. I’ve encountered the owner, Victor Albisu on several occasions out and about in DC and he’s really a fun and gregarious guy. He obviously puts much of his personality into his culinary creations because the food is celebratory. Del Campo is fine dining, which means dinner there signals special occasion. However, the bar food menu is very affordable and makes it a great choice for  happy hour in the city. I was fortunate to enjoy a late lazy afternoon there towards the end of summer. We started with the grilled bread served with delicious fruity olive oil and sea salt. 1 From there, we ordered an array of appetizers from the bar menu. The cheese platter pictured above presents a variety of smoked cheeses with accompaniments. Have you ever tried quince jam? I highly recommend it as it’s the perfect sweet tartness to go with smoky cheeses.

Interior Dining Room and Bar
Interior Dining Room and Bar: photo credit

A huge fan of empanadas, we ordered the baked version which came alongside a dish of savory tomato sauce. 3 My husband is a meat-lover, so we could not leave out an order of homemade sausage served with a roasted red pepper and chimichurri sauce. 4 Finally, I love mini sandwiches, especially when they come with their own special mini sized bun. We ordered the chicken salad bites, which had just the right touch of herbs and creaminess. 5 Do you promise you’ll try Del Campo if you’re looking for a great Happy Hour with latin flair in downtown DC?

2 thoughts on “DC Eats: Enjoying Happy Hour at Del Campo

  1. I’m reading this post right before leaving for dinner on a Friday evening and this is making me so hungry. The food at this restaurant looks incredible. I never tried quince jam. I will have to look for it and give it a try. Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a great weekend!



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