Happy Weekend!


Hi Lovelies!

What are you up to this weekend?

My husband is off to Texas to see a football game with some of his college friends, and I will be holding down the fort on my own here with the dog and cat.

Actually, I love the idea of a whole weekend on my own. Is it strange?

I’m planning to take the dog on some long walks in the fresh autumn air, read, do some fall decorating around the house, and cook.

Specifically, I’m going to cook  for myself all the foods that I LOVE but my husband would never touch. These include things like kale salad, a shrimp and zucchini dish, and some kind of chocolate dessert. (he’s opposed to sweets)

I’ll miss him, but I relish the time on my own too. You too?

Anyway, enjoy a few of my favorite links around the web this week:

Just discovered this inspiring instagram account by the Young Adventuress. I hope one day to take photos like her!

Plan to enjoy this Avocado, pumpkin seed, and kale salad this weekend

Appreciated this article about French beauty, which suggests it may not be as effortless as we think..

Got inspired by a few looks in this Fall 2015 Trend Guide

Recently took the plunge and purchased a pair of faux leather pants. This fun post offers up so many great ways to style them for everyday looks

Image credit:http://infiniteneverafter.tumblr.com/

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