Purple and Red Office Attire

11 When shopping, I always ask myself how many times I’m going to wear an item. If it’s once or twice a year, then I’m not likely to buy it (unless it’s truly special). If it’s something that functions in both work and social settings, it’s a good value. If it’s something that works in multiple seasons, then it’s a winner.

This Milly skirt is one of those pieces that just fits so many situations. I’m transitioning it from summer to fall with a lightweight sweater and closed toe pumps. As the weather gets ever cooler, I plan on wearing it with tights and a turtleneck.

Sweater: The Limited, Skirt: Milly (similar here), Shoes: Jimmy Choo, similar here and here 10

6 thoughts on “Purple and Red Office Attire

  1. Hello Milly! First, thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment:-) It means the world to me. I looooove wearing skirts and dresses and that Milly dress you are wearing is perfection. Love the print and the colors. And I totally agree with you! When I choose to invest on a piece I first think about all “the possibilities” I can manifest with it. Life is all about possibilities! Right? I am also very happy I found your blog. Have a blessed weekend! It was a pleasure meeting you:-) XOXO, Jeannette



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