Tuesday Tips: Cetaphil


You’ve got to trust your dermatologist’s advice when she tells you not to shell out a bunch of money for cleanser, right? And then she recommends you to buy drugstore brand Cetaphil because that’s what she uses herself.  

Ever since that eye-opening conversation with my doctor a few years back (and noticing how GORGEOUS her skin was), I’ve been using Cetaphil to clean my skin and remove my makeup. The bottle is cheap (about $10) and lasts forever. There are even versions for dry and sensitive skin, so there’s something for everyone.

I know, I know. Cetaphil can seem BORING when there’s so much other fun stuff out there.

But, why spend a lot of money on something that’s only going to be on your skin for a few minutes? Save it for lipstick or mascara or moisturizer (which is the really important skin care, anyway).

TRUST, ladies (especially you young ones). I’ve tried so many cleansers on the market, and Cetaphil is a great inexpensive value overall.

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