Suede Fringe and Denim

7 One of my favorite things to do is cook a big meal and invite friends over for dinner. But let’s be honest, when you entertain, prepping ingredients, cooking, cleaning the house tend to take priority over planning the outfit.

So much attention goes into those other details that I don’t really think about what to wear. Then, I usually scramble for something clean right before my friends arrive.

During my last oh-shit-friends-are-arriving-right-now clothing scramble, I threw off my sweats and put on these comfy 7 for Mankind Jeans, a navy silk top, and suede fringe sandals (a nod to the new suede fringe trend happening now). None of it was planned (I was lucky the stuff was clean and ready to go), but I was happy with how it turned out. I felt comfy and casual and put together, too.

Do you have a favorite entertaining outfit?

Silk Shirt: Ann Taylor, Jeans: 7 for Mankind, Shoes: Coach (not available but similar here), Sunglasses: Coach 896

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