Brocade and Aperitifs in Dupont Circle

1 Summer just doesn’t want to give up. I say that because it’s mid-Sept and we still have temps in the 80s in DC. I keep thinking (with some illogical urgency) that Autumn is about to descend upon us at any moment and I should take advantage of every nice day! (current reality suggests otherwise)

So, last Friday evening, my husband and I went for drinks and dinner in Dupont Circle, a great after work spot to meet up with friends. It’s colorful, full of people, and there are lots of cafes to enjoy a drink in the outdoors. We started with an aperitif (beer for him, cider sangria for me) at the outside patio at the Irish Whisky Public House. From there, we headed towards a spicy bowl of ramen at OKI Bowl, a Thai, Korean, Japanese fusion noodle house.

If you wile away your time on Pinterest (like I do), you may have noticed that  brocade is making a comeback this fall. There are all sorts of long and short brocade skirts out there in fiery golds and dramatic bold colors. 

Wanting to get the most out of my only brocade item- this blush and silvery threaded version- I donned it with a simple white shirt and fancy sandals for a warm late summer evening. Just like summer, I’m not giving up. When it finally gets cool, I plan on wearing it with tights and a leather jacket.

Shirt: Ann Taylor, Brocade Skirt: Ann Taylor (not available but similar here), Shoes: Nine West, Sunglasses: Valentino, necklace: Ann Taylor (not available but so many affordable versions out there like this one and this one) 5342

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