Tuesday Tips and Treasures


A few years ago, I visited a friend in Tokyo, Japan. Not only did my friend introduce me to the awesome street fashion and food (hello, authentic ramen and sushi!), but she also turned me on to Shiseido.

Despite its availability in the States, for some reason Shiseido was never on my radar as a cosmetics brand.

All that changed when I discovered the Extra Smooth sunscreen. This white liquid glides on beautifully and sinks in within seconds. There’s no chalky white finish and you can put your makeup on instantly afterwards.

I’ve tried a range of sunscreens and this one is the best in terms of ease of application and non-interference with makeup. It’s also good for sensitive skin. While I’ve had negative break outs and rashes develop from other brands, my skin seems to love Shiseido. This brand is a little pricier than drugstore sunscreens, but it’s worth it to protect your most important external organ.

*On a side note, my dermatologist recommended wearing sunscreen of at least spf 30 for all skin types. She also said there’s a nominal difference between 30 and anything higher, so it’s not really worth spending money for higher spf beyond that!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips and Treasures

  1. Yes! Japanese skincare beauty products are generally really great for those with sensitive skin like myself, and Shiseido is definitely one of them. I’m glad that you found a sunscreen that didn’t break you out, and protection is key to maintaining good health for your skin. 🙂



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